Having spent our first 30 years focused on travel, Saga launched Saga Magazine and developed home and motor insurance and financial services in the 1980s. Private medical and pet insurance followed in the 1990s, along with the launch of our own cruise ship operation. The strength of the Saga brand provides the Group with the ability to develop in-house or partner with suppliers to offer our customers highly differentiated, competitively priced products which meet their evolving needs. 

Saga exists to deliver exceptional experiences every day to serve the needs of older people. We strive to constantly develop our understanding of our customers, allowing us to provide them with the products and services they want, alongside the exceptional service they deserve. 

Applying this approach over the past 70 years has enabled us to become the UK's specialist provider of products and services to people aged over 50 in the UK. The Saga brand has become one of the most recognised and trusted brands amongst UK consumers in this demographic and is recognised for its high-quality products and exceptional standards of service across cruise, travel, insurance, money and publishing.