Our growth plan

Our ambition is to become the largest and most-trusted brand for older people in the UK. We will achieve this through the delivery of our growth plan, which has evolved, in line with our ambition, as we continually develop the business to support the changing needs of our customers. This plan is focused on the following priorities:

1. Maximising our core businesses

We plan to drive our core businesses of Cruise, Travel, Insurance and Money, through business-led growth strategies, supported by our extensive data and Publishing marketing platform.

Build Ocean Cruise into an exceptional experience every day, while optimising our returns, and build a River Cruise proposition that mirrors Ocean.

Create a market-leading, more digital travel business, from a low-cost operating platform, to accelerate growth and modernise the business.

Create a long-term sustainable insurance proposition, built on growing customer numbers and deeper relationships, offering a differentiated suite of products and services, designed with our customer in mind.

Attract new customers, accelerate growth within existing equity release and savings products and add new products to deepen our customer relationships.

2. Reducing debt through capital-light growth

We plan to deliver capital-light growth across our businesses by leveraging strategic partnerships and reducing debt.

3. Growing our customer base and deepening our customer relationships

We aim to not only grow the number of customers we serve, but also enhance the frequency and quality of our interactions with them.