Corporate responsibility


Saga people are core to our brand. We recognise that their energy, passion and customer advocacy drives Saga’s success, and we’re incredible proud of their ability and creativity. This year we’ve continued to invest heavily in our people, and focused key activities to embed The Saga Way further. It encourages our people to be brave and challenge, strive to deliver exceptional service to our customers, whilst creating a purpose and belonging to what we call The Saga Family.

Diversity and having an employee base that brings different perspectives, backgrounds and ways of thinking is very important to our business. Our policy is that full and fair consideration is given to applications for employment by all applicants, including those with disabilities, and for continuing the employment of employees who become disabled during employment. We are committed to treating all employees fairly and offering equal opportunities in all aspects of employment and advancement.

Community and social

We’re proud to give something back. Saga is a major employer in Thanet, Folkestone, Hastings and Redhill. We recognise our responsibilities to the communities from which we draw potential recruits and also aim to be a good neighbour to local residents. After seeking the opinion of many Saga customers and employees, we are proud that The Silver Line is Saga’s first ever national charity partner. This is a great fit with our ethos as, like The Silver Line, making the lives of people better is at the heart of what we are here to do.

Human rights

Saga conducts business in an ethical and transparent way. Policies to support recognised human rights principles include those on non-discrimination, health and safety and environmental issues. Saga has a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.

Health and safety

Saga is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of employees, customers and anyone affected by our operations. We have a positive health and safety culture and seek to improve continuously health and safety performance.

Greenhouse emissions

We quantify and report our organisational GHG emissions in alignment with the GHG Protocol, which includes alignment with the Scope 2 Guidance (reporting Scope 2 purchased electricity using both the location-based and the market-based methodology).

Supplier partnerships

These relationships are fundamental to our business model. We work very closely with our suppliers to deliver the products and services to the standard our customers expect.